Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Web Design

Website designing is an amazing way of increasing your business through attracting more consumers, the online way. Internet offers the grand platform to the various business organizations to present their wide range of products and services to the wide audience in order to gain more consumers. Designing a website can help you for the purpose and provide extreme service in the field. Only a unique website design can help you get the required recognition in the market.
Let Us Design Your Website With An Effective Impression…
We are the leading Website Designing Company in Chandigarh – India,  Punjab & Ludhiana providing our creative and professional services in the field. We employ the most experienced professionals in the field, contributing their immense knowledge in fulfilling the website designing requirements of the clients. Web Designing Company India are committed in providing timely delivery of work without compromising in the quality. Our Best Website Designer experts deliver promising website that will help you attract audience in the coming years. Our creative web designs also include user friendly navigation which is great for involving more visitors to the website.
Our Website Designs Are
Unique, Engaging and Creative
Customer Driven and Industry Specific
Reflective of Your Target Audience
Website Designing Company Chandigarh is driven to provide the best results in order to provide complete satisfaction. The most important thing is that we offer our expertise skills and the superb designing at the most affordable price as per the committed standards. We are specialized in designing websites that makes your brand stand out and establishing unique identity. We are the acknowledged website designing company Punjab, having the leading marketing experience in the industry and provide our full support in achieving the goals of your company with full commitment towards our work.
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Website Re Designing

Website Re-Designing is an important means of maintaining users’ interest in your brand. In the world of fast changing trends, you should always be updated with the latest technology. Otherwise, users will no longer be interested in brand. For the purpose, various Website Re-designing Services are available in the market that will help you maintain your strong brand identity. Re-designing website appeals more visitors and helps in making more profits in your business.
Ensure Success to Your Business!!
We are the successful Website Re Design Company Chandigarh, providing our high support in the field. Our company offers effective designs that will help you upgrade your brand position on the web world. We advance our impressive services to the clients all over the world. Your website is the mirror of your company, so it should be very pleasing to the audience. Redesigning website keeps it fresh and appealing. Our website redesign services will get all that you have ever desired of for your business.
Evaluate your existing website for re-designing on the following aspects –
Overall Web Strategy
Functionality and ease of navigation
Re-working on the graphical images to optimize file sizes
Download Time
Usefulness of Content
Overall Graphic Presentation
Search Engine Optimization
We provide excellent quality Website Re Designing Services, bringing in fast increase to your business. Our professional re-designing services will let you reach the heights of success. We provide timely delivery of service to all our clients. Avail our splendid services at the most affordable price, without any compromise.
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Mobile Website Designing

Mobile phones are the most successful advancement in the field of communication. People are so busy to have access of various internet services on their PC. Instead, more than half of the working population daily connects to the web world via their mobile only. In order to attract these large numbers of people towards your brand or its products, it is important to make your website compatible to mobile phones. This will make you attract more visitors to your website and provide grand exposure to your products and services.
We are the expanding Mobile Website Designing Company Chandigarh, providing our expert website designing services all over the world. Our professional website designers with their expert skills and practices will help you meet your business goals. We strive hard to meet all of your business objectives with the best of our efforts. We offer customized mobile website designs and provides complete satisfaction of all the important elements in it.
Our Professional Mobile Website Designer offer latest approach of designing the type of website you want. Our unique website designs are the complete blend of creativity and intelligence. We offer are proficient mobile website development services at the most affordable range without even compromising in the quality. Clients are our first priority and we provide maximum efforts in fulfilling their goals. Your aim is our ambition. We strive hard to get you maximum recognition and success in your business.
Avail our mobile website designing services and mark an impressive web presence.
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Corporate Website Designing

Corporate websites are the most professional websites designed to increase sales through enhancing communicating with your consumers. The more exciting will be your website the more are the chances of gaining consumers. However, corporate websites do not have much visual attraction, these are concept driven that appeals wide audience for your products and services.
Get The Ones You Expect!!
We are the fast emerging Corporate Website Designing Company Chandigarh, providing our vast services in the field of website designing. Whether it is corporate website or any other, we strive hard to meet your business goals through it. Our aim is hit the large number of audience through your website, providing it a mass appeal. We create creative website providing the right message to your target audience. We provide our services to the clients all over the world.
We meant to provide complete satisfaction of clients with all our efforts. Our Corporate Website Designing Company provide pocket friendly Corporate Website Designs that will help you provide ultimate success in your business. We, the corporate website design company Chandigarh will help you gain the grand recognition of your brand in the market. Our Website Designing Services services are all we have to serve you. We provide timely results of our services through providing best of our knowledge in your business. We render cost effective service without compromising in the quality of work. We are the leading corporate website designing company providing maximum price for your money. Try our expert corporate website design services this time and enjoy its high benefits in your business!!
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Professional Website Design

Your brand is all that you stand for and it should be represented as effectively online as it is off. Abalone design team will ensure that your website looks and feels exactly like it should do.
By following a clear design process, Abalone deliver websites that answer your needs both functionally and aesthetically. With regular consultation with yourselves and the team at Abalone, your site is designed specifically to your requirements. Alongside this, we provide you with our knowledge and expertise of the online environment, gained from years of experience in design for web and best practice, both functionally and visually.Abalone Web Solutions prides itself on delivering websites that work seamlessly and which represent your company in a professional and accurate manner in the online space.
Abalone offer a cost effective solution for companies and individuals seeking the very best in professional web site design and customer service.
The global marketplace that is the web is now saturated with businesses all competing for the attention of potential customers and it is more important than ever to have a website that is professionally designed and visually striking. Abalone Web Design Chandigarh can help your company maximise the benefits of an online presence by ensuring that your web site meets every expectation of its visitors.
We have the dedication and knowledge to ensure that our clients receive only the best service and end result.

Responsive Web Designing

Abalone are changing with the times and have started creating ‘Responsive Design’. A responsive design is a website that can be viewed on any screen, basically the responsive website will stretch or minimise to fit any type of device, from a small smartphone device screen right up to a projector screen! Content on your responsive design website will change automatically depending on the size of screen that you are viewing the responsive website with. If you are using a smartphone all of the content will align down the centre of the screen enabling simple touch activation to go to the required section.
Benefits of Responsive Design
With over 1 billion smartphone users at large, the need to have a responsive design that is compatible on these devices is growing. The benefits are enormous as mobile website statistics are now showing that by the year 2015 over 80% of internet users will be browsing the web using their smartphones and tablets. By thinking ahead your business should be thinking about these statistics, if you don’t have a website which has been made with a ‘responsive design’ you could be missing out on all the extra interest in your products and services.
Make it easy for your mobile customers to find information. Responsive web design allows your website to adjust to different layouts for a variety of different devices such as iPhones, iPads and Android devices.

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Galaxy Gear: Samsung unveils smartwatch

The company believes its new invention will set a new trend in wearable tech



























Smartphones, with their big screens and accurate clocks, have been blamed for the failing sales of wristwatches. But tonight in Berlin, Samsung announced a gadget that, it hopes, will soon be decking those currently empty wrists - a smart watch.

Tonight, modern, appealing wearable tech took a step closer to reality when Samsung announced the Galaxy Gear. And the Korean manufacturer will hope it is paving the way for a whole new category of gadget with this invention.
Nobody puts on a show quite like Samsung. A hidden orchestra played highly effective background music, giant screens showed images of new products and, suddenly, black cloths fell away to double the screen size. JK Shin, Samsung's president and CEO, revealed this highly secret product in the most sideways of fashions: when talking about another phone, the screen showed an image of the smart watch as if by accident, proving it can put text message alerts and reminders on your wrist.
So far, the buzzphrase of wearable tech has been mostly limited to gadgets that are not on widespread sale, like the Google Glass headset that is turning out to be the most Marmitey of gizmos, inspiring strong reactions even from people who have never even seen one. Or the Apple iWatch which remains nothing more than rumour at present.
Smart watches could be a more palatable bit of kit than a glasses headset. There are already smart wrist bands like the Nike+ FuelBand which monitors your every step to encourage you to get fitter, but the new breed of smart watch will do much more and will work in conjunction with your smartphone or tablet.
Since big-screen phones like the Sony Xperia Z Ultra with its gigantic 6.4 inch display can be unwieldy, a smart watch will let you see who is calling without retrieving the glass slab from your bag. In fact, Sony is already working on this and releases its second smart watch this month after the first one failed to take off. Samsung will hope for better sales with its model.
The Galaxy Gear is a watch with a 1.63-inch bright touchscreen display and slick stainless steel frame. It allows you to make and receive calls (think Dick Tracy but with a brighter watch strap – actually there are six straps to choose from). Other smart watches do not do this and Samsung sees it as a real game changer. Whether anyone really wants to make a phone call by shouting into their wrist without donning a trenchcoat and trilby is uncertain.
With the Gear, the speaker and microphone are embedded in the strap so you hold your hand to your ear to make calls – though Samsung says you can move your hand wherever you like during a call.
The Gear cannot do any of this unless you have a Samsung smartphone that links it to the mobile phone network. When it is connected it can show incoming texts and messages, or remind you of upcoming appointments. It also uses S Voice – Samsung’s voice-control app similar to Apple’s Siri – so you can set an alarm, check the weather and more using voice commands.
A camera in the strap will take a photo when you swipe the screen. And the Gear has apps which add extra functionality to make sharing photos and messages easier still. A motion sensor means you can use it as a pedometer to monitor your activity. Samsung says it will change how we interact with each other.
There is no doubt that Samsung is now one of the most innovative and influential companies in the world, in any field, showing that it can execute advanced products faster than rivals and at lower prices.
Samsung has done what Apple likes to do: taken a barely established product category and made it approachable, attractive and even desirable. But how many people really want the innovations it so effortlessly delivers remains to be seen.
Hands-on verdict
For all the gimmickry of the presentation announcement, when you get your hands on the Gear, it’s pretty persuasive. Light, sleek and highly tactile, the touchscreen is super-responsive. The camera is nimble and effective. When you’re wearing it, it suddenly makes sense: it is alluring, comfortable and enjoyable. Will it storm the barricades? Maybe. And if it does not, it is clear that wearable tech is about to become mainstream. 
The Gear will be launched on 25 September, no price has been confirmed.